• Client: Made By Many
  • Year: 2016

A fun packaging commision working directly with the excellent agency Made by Many



The creation of a skillet, bespoke packaging and full roll out of 2 full sets of simple, icon led cards for the Cards Against Hummanity inspired game Pitchdeck.



Pitchdeck helps people generate ideas for disruptive business ventures, along the lines of “It's like the Uber of _____”. It includes two sets of cards: one featuring the names of 50 existing startups, and another featuring 200 random subjects (flights, groceries, refunds, ideas, shopping, magazines, magic, pizzas, UFOs, flowers, otters, barcodes and karaoke, for example). One player chooses to be Investor while others play as Entrepreneurs, and the game proceeds with the Investor tendering a startup, and the entrepreneurs pitching the best idea from the subjects they have in their hands. The most exciting, innovative or entertaining match wins the round.