aspire icon


  • Client: CEG
  • Year: 2019

Targeted marketing campaign and brand consultancy for Aspire, a CEG owned office space within the boundary of East Midlands Airport


the final Aspire branding treatment


A recent project where I led and carried out the entire delivery of a full name generation and idenity of a CEG acquisition based within the boundary of East Midlands Airport.


CGI of building with embossed concrete planters and 3d illuminated sign


Having settled on the name of the 18,232 sq ft stand alone building - a play on the aspirational nature of air travel, upwards trajectory and of the mind-set of the tech / distribution related target audience I created a modern, iconic type based branding.


front & back covers of particulars booklet

inner page spread of particulars booklet


The type based idenity features a subtle up arrow mechanism forming the A. This device allowed for a simple directive for teaser campaigns on social media channels.


square card teaser campaign direct mailer


The branding consultation was well received by the client and progressed into a beautiful, perfect bound sales particulars brochure, on-site signage and a set of direct mailers.


reversed repeating pattern devised for application to tote bags for an open day

proposed tote bag design featuring reverse design